About Us

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Our Vision

Personhood USA exists to change the cultural mindset through action to respect the dignity of the human person.

Our Mission

Personhood USA desires to glorify Jesus Christ in a way that creates a culture of life so that all human beings are protected by love and by law. We leverage technology to mobilize the grassroots for constructive social tension, initiatives, and political action.

Why the Fingerprint?

The fingerprint is the symbol of a unique human being, one that has never existed before and will never exist again. Paradoxically, fingerprints appear on a preborn child at the precise moment that most abortions take place. It is as if God himself wanted to ensure that none of his children are ever forgotten. The fingerprint inspires Personhood to make an imprint on our culture in defense of life.

A grassroots organization

Personhood USA is the largest grassroots pro-life organization in the United States. After the nation’s first-ever personhood campaign in 2008, Keith and Jennifer Mason recognized the extensive opportunities to change public opinion and save lives through the dialogue and social tension created by personhood. Though that initiative did not pass, it changed the conversation about abortion across the country. They launched Personhood USA, an organization dedicated to changing cultural mindsets, through action, to respect the dignity of the human person.

Consistent Growth

Since November 2008, Personhood USA has grown exponentially, attracting 1,365,054 members, activating 92,000 volunteers across the nation, and receiving more media coverage over the past four years than all other pro-life organizations combined. Through a series of ballot initiatives in various states and an unprecedented system of digital advocacy, Personhood USA has built the largest pro-life community in the world, comprised of over 7 million identified individuals.

Building a Digitally Engaged Relationship

Personhood USA is building a relationship with the largest digitally-engaged pro-life community in the world, ready to respond at the push of a button with their votes and voices. Hundreds of thousands of pro-life individuals have become first-time pro-life activists by circulating petitions, making phone calls, sending emails, and getting out the vote. These efforts have benefited conservative ballot issues, legislation, and candidates. In 2012, Personhood USA hosted the first-ever Presidential pro-life forum, at which five Republican candidates endorsed personhood for the unborn.

Global Campaigns

Internationally, Personhood USA has engaged in pro-life campaigns globally, including in Europe and Latin America. In 2009, a Personhood activism team played an instrumental role in the adoption of the Dominican Republic’s pro-personhood constitution. Personhood USA also partnered with local organizations to pass and protect personhood amendments in 18 Mexican states.

Leading the Charge

In 2014, Personhood USA led the charge to free 16-year-old Justina Pelletier, who was essentially held captive by the State of Massachusetts after a disputed medical diagnosis. Her rights as a person were denied and she was treated as the property of the state. Personhood's grassroots campaign attracted $50 million in earned media, initiated local and federal legislation, and poured tens of thousands of calls into government offices. After just 100 days, Justina’s dignity was restored as she was returned to the loving arms of her family.

Personhood USA desires to create a culture of life where all human beings are protected by love and by law, through constructive social tension, initiatives, and political action.


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