Fetal homicide bill in Colorado... will it be pro-life?

Colorado Republican Bill Cadman, Senate President, was interviewed on 850 KOA News Radio about introducing a fetal homicide bill. This issue was brought to the forefront by the horrifying story of a Longmont woman who had her unborn baby ripped out of her.

Republican state senator Bill Cadman of Colorado Springs will become the first Republican to lead the Colorado Senate since they lost the majority in 2004.

Senator Cadman begins the interview strong:

This really is a horrific situation. . . [that demands] equal protection for the 60,000 plus babies who are born in Colorado every year; protection that they don’t have now; protection that is afforded to them in 38 states, including some of the most liberal [states] like California. That’s what this bill does. This is not new. This is an issue that’s come before us. Frankly, it was a discussion that I had with a house member, Representative Joshi, about two months ago, and it certainly is timely now.

This is encouraging. In 2013, Rep. Janak Joshi introduced a principled fetal homicide bill that would allow for homicide prosecutions in cases where the victim is an unborn baby. The text of the bill states,

If the commission of any crime codified in this title or title 42,C.R.S., is the proximate cause of death or injury to an unborn member of the species homo sapiens, the respective homicide and assault charges for that death or injury may be brought simultaneously with the underlying charges.

The bill is abortion-neutral. Though abortion is a human rights atrocity that should be illegal, this law would not effect abortion because it is not a “crime codified in this title or title 42,C.R.S.” Therefore, even pro-aborts can and should support this bill. However, near the end of the KOA interview, Senator Cadman contradicts his previous statement (quoted above). He states,

I think it’s incredibly important to distinguish the difference between something that is done by choice and something that is done to somebody. And that is certainly possible under the language we are proposing. Anything done to a mother against her will should be considered a crime. A pregnant person should be afforded the protection to determine the outcome for her baby.

Earlier, he talked about the baby being a victim. Now, suddenly, the baby doesn’t matter and the mother is the only victim. I too think we should concern ourselves with “something that is done to somebody,” and the unborn is somebody. Where is the baby’s choice, Senator Cadman? Senator Cadman declares that, “a pregnant person should be afforded the protection to determine the outcome for her baby.” Really? “Outcome for her baby” is merely propaganda speak for killing the baby. It remains to be seen whether Senator Cadman will introduce a clean fetal homicide bill that does not reinforce the legitimacy of abortion.


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Fetal homicide bill in Colorado... will it be pro-life?