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Planned Parenthood harvested his brain while his heart was still beating.

The seventh video from the Center for Medical Progress was released today. It reveals even more shocking details about Planned Parenthood's bloody sale of baby body parts. A former Stem...

Huckabee: 5th and 14th Amendments guarantee personhood for all

On a campaign stop in Iowa, Mike Huckabee defended his...

Huckabee supports personhood even in hard cases

Mike Huckabee was challenged on his opposition to abortion in...

These viral pro-life videos will make you laugh, and cry

Vloggers Sam and Nia are a cute and outgoing married...

The BEST and WORST pro-life moments of the GOP debate

Did you watch the first GOP presidential debate last night?

Judge rules on 'chimp personhood' case

Can we get back to personhood for all human beings, now?

Sickening words: Another boy!

This sickening undercover video was recorded at a Planned Parenthood just blocks from our Denver headquarters.

Second video: Planned Parenthood exec haggles over price of baby body parts

Another undercover video has been released, exposing a second Planned Parenthood exec haggling over the price of baby body parts....

Undercover video: Planned Parenthood sells baby parts

Apparently, the only time Planned Parenthood cares about an unborn baby's beating heart is when they can sell it for...

Do Chimpanzees Qualify For Human Rights?

The Manhattan Supreme Court recently heard the case of two chimpanzees named Hercules and Leo, which were apparently caged while...


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