Obama’s abortion agenda thwarted at the OAS Summit of the Americas in Panama

Panama City, Panama, 04/10/15—A forum of civil society at the Summit of the Americas, hosted by the Organization of American States (OAS), rejected proposals to affirm the legalization of abortion on Friday, to the chagrin of the Obama Administration.

Pro-abortion languages was conspicuously absent from the consensus reached among civil society groups on health and education just prior to President Obama’s address. Although many pro-life and pro-family groups were excluded from participation in the forum, abortion advocates were unable to inject language calling for the decriminalization of abortion into the final outcome document, thanks to the presence of a coalition of pro-life advocates which included Personhood USA.

Several OAS member countries recognize the personhood of unborn children and prohibit abortion in their national constitutions, including the Dominican Republic, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Additionally, eighteen Mexican states have passed personhood amendments.

The American Convention on Human Rights, which binds OAS member states, also affirms that “Every person has the right to recognition as a person before the law.”

“The radical abortion promoters clamoring at the Summit of the Americas do not represent the majority of civil society, nor the vast majority of citizens across the Americas,” said Josh Craddock, Director of International Relations for Personhood USA. “The pro-life outcome of this civil society forum is an encouraging reaffirmation of support for the personhood laws present in many Latin American nations." 

Craddock added: “Additionally, the civil society panel on education reaffirmed the fundamental importance of family in all aspects of education, including sexual education. This is a major blow to Planned Parenthood’s strategy of school infiltration. OAS member governments ought to recognize the strong pro-life values represented at the Summit of the Americas and take actions to promote personhood for all.”

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, who both support abortion-on-demand, will participate in meetings with heads of state and foreign ministers over the weekend.

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Obama’s abortion agenda thwarted at the OAS Summit of the Americas in Panama