Support South Carolina’s Personhood Initiative

Legislators in South Carolina have responded to the call for state personhood legislation! Now it’s our vital and timely task to encourage them to allow a hearing and a floor vote on the bill.

South Carolina's Personhood Act (S.129) would establish "that the right to life for each born and preborn human being vests at fertilization, and that the rights of due process and equal protection...vest at fertilization for each born and preborn human person."

The introduction of the Personhood Act of South Carolina follows the momentum of a landslide resolution in June, in which 79% of South Carolina GOP primary voters called for a personhood amendment to the state constitution. This is unprecedented.

That’s 250,000 South Carolina voters who want a personhood amendment to the state constitution!

Right now, S.129 has been referred to the judiciary committee. Unless we act now to voice our support, lawmakers who claim to be pro-life will allow this bill to die in committee. The pro-life grassroots of South Carolina must rise up and call on our legislators to ensure a vote on this important bill!

Sign the petition to join tens of thousands in raising a unified voice in support of South Carolina’s Personhood Act, so that we can promote human dignity and put an end to abortion in this state!

Here's a copy of the email we'll send to decision-makers in South Carolina:

Dear members of the South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee,

I am writing in support of the South Carolina Personhood Act (S.129). In the interest of protecting preborn babies in our state, and to promote the equal rights and dignity of all human beings, I urge you to allow S.129 to be heard on the floor and voted upon.

You’ve been elected because you claimed to be a pro-life legislators. Now is your chance to prove it!




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Support South Carolina’s Personhood Initiative