Our Team

  • Mickey O'Hare

    Board Member

    Mickey has been a catalytic force within the pro-life movement for more than three decades. Frustrated with the lack of progress towards protecting life, Mickey was an early adopter of the personhood vision and has been instrumental in guiding the organization since 2009. His hope is to end abortion in the United States within the next decade. He is a loving father and husband, as well as the owner of a successful business in rural Colorado.

  • Dee Waite

    Board Member

    Dee Waite went from zero to hero in terms of her pro-life activities when she encountered the Colorado personhood amendment in 2008. She became so successful at grassroots organization in Pueblo, Colorado that it was impossible to drive through the city without seeing her volunteers’ signs and rallies. As a mother, she feels particularly called to the groundbreaking vision of personhood as the only way to end abortion and restore human dignity. She and her husband own their own business and love spending time with their children.

  • Eddie Speir

    Board Member

    Eddie Speir is a successful entrepreneur, innovator, Owner and Founding Partner of numerous software, services and production companies throughout the United States. He is also the founder of Inspiration Academy in Bradenton, FL. Eddie’s strong leadership skills and business acumen have enabled him to build highly successful organizations focused on the development and delivery of exemplary products, solutions and services to individual customers and organizations of all sizes. Eddie has been a long-time personhood supporter and is the most recent addition to the board of directors.

  • Keith Mason

    Founder and President

    After a dozen years of pro-life activism, Keith recognized the opportunities to change public opinion and save lives through the unique dialogue and social tension created by efforts to define all human beings as persons. In November 2008, Keith founded Personhood USA, an organization dedicated to abolishing abortion state by state while raising public awareness on the plight of preborn children.

    Since then, Personhood USA has seen astounding growth and is now the largest pro-life organization in the United States, with thousands of volunteers across the nation. Personhood USA has received more media coverage over the past four years than all other pro-life organizations combined. Under Keith’s direction, Personhood USA has grown at a rapid pace, with dozens of state affiliates and partnerships with multiple International organizations and pro-life efforts.

  • Jennifer Mason

    Director of Communications

    Jennifer has worked in various pro-life efforts for over ten years, and has been featured in national and international news publications and on some of today’s most popular television programs. Traveling with her family as missionaries, Jennifer helped to bring the pro-life message to over 500 college campuses and over 1000 high schools around the country. As a mother of young children, Jennifer believes that a culture of life is the greatest gift to give to the next generation.

  • Josh Craddock

    Director of Strategic Projects and International Relations

    Josh has been a regular volunteer on Personhood campaigns since 2008 and involved in pro-life ministry for a decade. After leading Personhood USA's first youth action team to Florida in 2010, he moved to open Personhood's office in New York City. He serves as a liaison for Personhood at the United Nations, where he is actively participating in negotiations for developing the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Gwen Hartzler


    Gwen is the happily married mother of two teenage boys. Her oldest was conceived in rape, and her youngest was also a “crisis pregnancy.” She has a passion for the unborn without exception. Having been involved with Personhood since gathering signatures for the very first ballot initiative in Colorado, she now works with donors to ensure that the projects, initiatives, and opportunities are fully funded for success.

  • Donna Ballentine


    Donna Ballentine is a mother and grandmother with a love for life. She has been active in personhood campaigns since 2008 and also serves on the staff of Colorado Right to Life.

  • Jonathan and Angela Burgess

    Outreach Coordinators

    Jonathan and Angela serve as outreach coordinators for Personhood USA, engaging in grassroots mobilization during personhood campaigns since 2008 and presenting the personhood message globally, including to Parliament in the United Kingdom. Jonathan and Angela activate people to action to help end abortion through media, petitioning, and counseling those who are being or have been affected by abortion.

    Jonathan has been a youth pastor since 2001. He and Angela serve in the Pulse Student Ministries at Trinity Christian Fellowship (TCF) in Colorado. They are also a part of a music ministry called Transform DJs, which exists to share the gospel of Jesus’ saving grace, to lead God’s people into worship, and to defend the preborn and other defenseless people worldwide. They were married in 2005 and have three children, Judah, Asher and Anakela.

  • Jason Storms

    Director of Curriculum Development

    Jason Storms is an associate pastor and founder and director of a discipleship training school in Milwaukee, WI. He has been active in pro-life and gospel ministry for 17 years speaking and ministering at churches, on the streets and in campuses across the nation. Jason has helped mobilize grassroots efforts in multiple states in support of Personhood efforts beginning with the first Personhood ballot initiative in Colorado in 2008. Today, he is leading the design of Personhood’s Human Dignity Leadership Program. Jason, his wife Sara and their seven children reside in the Milwaukee, WI area.

  • Thomas Hall

    Strategic Relationships Liaison

    Thomas Hall is the co-founder of Hall and Brown Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in networking, event planning, production and marketing. Thomas is a gifted networker and strategist who knows how to connect the dots and exceed expectations. He has developed working relationships with major ministries, non-profits, and political groups across the country including major pro-life and marriage organizations such as Personhood USA, March For Life, Live Action, Movie to Movement, National Organization for Marriage, and many others.

    He has consulted with such candidates as Newt Gingrich and Todd Akin, producing and arranging events, bus tours, and providing strategic planning expertise. Previously, he worked as Associate Director for TheCall, a national prayer ministry, and was responsible for a lot of the planning, mobilization, and marketing of more than 20 stadium/arena/conference style events. Thomas thinks big, and he delivers.

  • Laurel Recsetar

    United Nations Representative / Content Creator

    Laurel Recsetar is a United Nations liaison for Personhood USA. She is a senior studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at The King’s College in New York City. She plans to practice family law and continue pro-life advocacy work throughout her career.

  • Brandon Santulli

    United Nations Representative / Content Creator

    Brandon Santulli, 22, is a senior at The King's College in New York City studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) and Business Management. He has recently returned from studying ethics and politics at Oxford University during the 2014 Michaelmas term. Brandon’s past experience include interning for New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas and Socrates in the City.

  • Reese Evans

    United Nations Representative / Content Creator

    Reese Evans is a Junior at The King’s College studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Originally from New Braunfels, Texas, Reese grew up as the youngest of five children. While in high school, Reese was active in school government, golf, and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Reese is excited and thankful for the opportunity to become a member of Personhood USA, hoping his writing will impact the lives of others.


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Our Team