Tennessee passes law against prenatal child abuse

Headline News reports that Tennessee has passed a law protecting unborn babies from prenatal child abuse with illegal drugs.

Tennessee law allows for homicide or assault charges to be brought against criminals who kill or harm unborn babies. The law excludes possible prosecution for “lawful medical or surgical procedures”. Because murdering an unborn baby through abortion is “legal”, it can’t be prosecuted. The same section also exempts “any act or omission by a pregnant woman”. The new law (SB 1391) amends the exemption to read “any lawful act or lawful omission”. It also specifies that pregnant mothers can be prosecuted for harming their unborn babies with “narcotics”, drugs prohibited by law.

Aljazeera America interviews the sponsor of the bill, State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver. Representative Weaver agrees that pregnant mothers shouldn’t be prosecuted when they seek help for themselves and their unborn babies.

The segment continues below as Aljazeera interviews Lynn Paltrow of the euphemistically named National Advocates for Pregnant Women. Ms. Paltrow begins with a ridiculous statement:

This is a law that isn’t only about women who use illegal drugs. It’s a very broad law, which really is to say that if I’m becoming pregnant, doctors ought to say to patients in Tennessee, you now become eligible for prosecution for the crime of fetal assault.

She evidently didn’t read the bill. A woman could only be prosecuted for unlawful acts or unlawful drugs that harm her unborn baby. Either Ms. Paltrow is lying or she has a low opinion of pregnant mothers in Tennessee.

The interviewer asks Ms. Paltrow directly what legislation she would offer to address mothers abusing their unborn children with illegal drugs.  Ms. Paltrow doesn’t offer anything but instead attacks the bill. She doubles down later in the interview, when the interviewer asks:

What about the baby? I have held these babies in my arms, some addicted to crack when they’re born. Who protects them?

When a baby’s mother refuses to protect her baby but harms her baby with drugs, Ms. Paltrow has no answer.  She believes there should be no legal consequence for abusing unborn babies. Ms. Paltrow doesn’t advocate for pregnant women. She advocates for prenatal child abuse.


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Tennessee passes law against prenatal child abuse