The UN population control agenda just took a KNOCKOUT punch to the face

After two weeks of deliberation, the 48th Session of the UN Commission on Population and Development (CPD) came to a screeching halt on Friday, April 17, reaching no resolution. The goal of this year's CPD resolution was finding ways to integrate population issues into the UN's Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Typically, the Commission tries to impose population control programs on developing nations, including abortion.

Nigeria's representative, Usman Sarki, shut the whole thing down when he informed the Belgian Chair that her draft of the resolution needed a few tweaks, specifically removing radical abortion and sexual-agenda language. Rather than take 10 minutes to modify the draft, she withdrew the draft completely.

The resolution's inclusion of terms like "comprehensive sexual education on human sexualtiy" (CSE) and "reproductive rights" (RR) concerned Nigeria. Both of those terms are thrown around at the UN in the name of sexual health. In reality, the UN's sexual "health" agenda has a lot less to do with health than it does pressuring countries to adopt liberal policies regarding sexual behavior and abortion.

CSE is not your typical birds and the bees talk. It involves teaching children as young as 4 or 5 years old about masturbation, "choosing" their gender, the "right" to abortion, and treating all forms of sexual behavior as morally equivalent. All of those were included in the World Health Organization's (WHO-Europe) CSE guidelines last year.

Jon Wilmoth, the leader of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), said he was "shellshocked" at the CPD's outcome, or lack thereof. Babatunde Osotimehin, head of the UNFPA "regretted" that no resolution was reached and accused African countries of not being "tolerant."

"We came to the meeting with an open mind," Sarki said. But they repeatedly have to deal with drafts that are "replete with controversial issues that have in the past not only proved difficult to deal with but are also extremely divisive in nature."

Nigeria is not the one with tolerance issues here. Nigeria did not refuse to discuss resolution amendments. Nigeria did not throw the resolution out.

It's no secret the UN heavily pushes for abortion and sexual moral equivalence at every chance they get. But, it's getting worse. The outcome of this year's CPD proves it.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) put intense pressure on African countries during negotiations. With a $1 billion budget funded entirely by voluntary contributions from larger states (like the US, which gives them millions), the UNFPA puts heavy pressure on smaller states that rely on UNFPA funds to adopt liberal policies regarding abortion and sexual conduct. Nauru accused the UNFPA of "harassing" them to adopt the UN's position on reproductive rights and CSE. "Does the UNFPA think they can do this because Nauru is the smallest member state?"

The African Group wanted the CSE language removed, but was happy to leave in sex education that didn't impose the adoption of policies favored by sexual radicals. Countries should not be effectively forced to adopt certain values because they are economically dependent. Yet, that is what the UN does.

African countries are especially beholden to UN policy because they rely so heavily on multilateral international aid. They don't have the luxury to ignore or define UN policy as they wish like economically prosperous countries do. As a result, they are often forced to adopt whatever interpretation of UN policy their donors choose, regardless of their agreement with the policy.

At the end of the Commission's meeting, the UN's population control pressure was fully resisted. Merely stating reservations about resolution wording no longer sufficed. Imagine the shock. There are other people in the world besides the those at the UN, and they have life-affirming values. And, they actually care about those values. The pro-life underdog at the UN has risen to victory!


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The UN population control agenda just took a KNOCKOUT punch to the face