US Missionaries Travel to Dominican Republic to Help Keep Abortion Illegal

Three different American pro-life organizations are sending missionaries to the Dominican Republic to stop the threat of legalized abortion.

The Dominican Republic, currently abortion-free, is under siege by pro-choice groups to de-criminalize abortion. A group of young pro-life missionaries are traveling to the Dominican Republic during the memorial of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision.

President Fernández has introduced a new Constitution for the Dominican Republic which has an Amendment to protect all human life from conception, which has raised the level of discussion and interest over abortion.

On January 22, the memorial of the United States’ Roe V Wade Decision, the Dominican Republic’s Legislative Committee assigned to oversee the new Constitution will meet to discuss this new Constitution and to potentially approve it.

The group of young people will be educating the public and distributing materials with a message of life. This group includes a coalition of organizations including Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism, Live Action Films, and Personhood USA.

Abortion is illegal in the Dominican Republic, although there are efforts by pro-abortion groups to legalize abortion in cases of rape. Four years ago, a similar effort was made, and just a few pro-life activists had a great impact in the small country, helping to keep abortion illegal.

“As American citizens, we have seen the danger of legalizing abortion for just cases of rape,” stated Keith Mason, of Personhood USA. “Decriminalizing any abortion is a slippery slope, and every child is precious and has a right to live, regardless of who his father is or what he has done. We have witnessed firsthand the grievous slaughter of innocent children in America, and we are committed to helping our friends in the Dominican Republic to avoid the same mistakes.”

The coalition will hold a press conference on January 22nd to raise awareness in the Dominican Republic of the 54 Million little humans killed by abortion in America. The group has already scheduled many appointments with the local media as well as educational outreaches and meetings with local pastors and officials.

“Apart from being a religious issue, abortion is a human issue that affects humans all over the world. We, as humans, are morally compelled to fight this injustice everywhere because it diminishes mankind,” concluded Ignacio Reyes, Director of Live Action San Jose.

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US Missionaries Travel to Dominican Republic to Help Keep Abortion Illegal