Don’t believe the lies. The COVID 19 vaccinations (from Pfizer to Moderna to J&J–all of them!) DO NOT CONTAIN ABORTED FETUSES.

They won’t give you autism.

They don’t contain mercury.

The people telling you this have an agenda. They want your attention, They want to scare you so you’ll keep coming to their website and giving THEM money and clicking on the ads on THEIR website.

We have no agenda.

Except, I guess we don’t want to die from COVID19. And we don’t want YOU or your FAMILY or your KIDS or NEIGHBORS or TEACHERS to die from COVID19.

So quit looking for an exemption and get vaccinated. And then help everyone in your life who CAN get vaccinated.

It’s the right thing to do.

Learn about COVID19 from ACTUAL DOCTORS and MEDICAL EXPERTS, not your Uncle Jim that “read it on The Facebook.”

You can check out the CDC’s page about COVID19 right here.

Peace and love